Pine Bluff

As much as I like taking photos of abandoned buildings, it looks like at some point, there will be less in Pine Bluff as more are being rehabilitated — and that’s a good thing. Looking forward to seeing the changes ahead for Pine Bluff.

Arkansas Hotel Series – Riceland Hotel, Stuttgart, Ark.

According to the Arkansas Preservation website, the Riceland Hotel was built in 1929 and was “the hub of duck hunting in Stuttgart, a place where all of the guides would meet. Many celebrities stayed in the Riceland Hotel while engaging in the hunt including: actors Andy Devine, Wallace Bery, Robert Taylor and Rod Cameron; baseball player Ted Williams; publishing giants Joseph Pulitzer, Ray Long, Jim Quirrk; cartoonist Bud Fisher; industry leaders Cluett of Cluett-Peabody, and New York Jeweler Piere Cartier.”