Back to the River

Writer Denise Parkinson was kind enough to let me tag along and take photos as she continues to research the history of river towns, their people and culture. We met with several residents of Clarendon who were very generous with their time as they shared their knowledge and history of the area.

4 thoughts on “Back to the River

  1. Great pictures. My dad was literally born on White river below Clarendon. Thus making me a true “river rat”. Raised up in the area called Buzzard Roost. He was a commercial fisherman and if he couldn’t catch fish, no one could. Everyone always thought he was half fish. When he caught fish everyone wanted to know where he caught them. He would aways say, “now bud you know I can’t tell ya that”. I was and still am (he’s in heaven now) proud of my dad and he loved his hometown of Clarendon, AR.


      1. Jeanie: I remember them. I went to school with Melanie. Guess you know she passed from this life last year and her daughter, Tammie and grand McKayla live here. Thanks so much for commenting.


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